How was it lit? An eBook about lighting

How was it lit? An eBook about lighting

How was it lit? An eBook about lighting

Are you a true photography enthusiast? Have you been thinking about how to improve your skillset? Have you ever been wondering how any particular photos have been lit? You’re at the right place.

Every photo in this book comes with:

Detailed exposure values
Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and focal length,

Lighting diagram
so you will see how was the scene lit,

Useful tips.
Tips about techniques and traps you should avoid

Example Page from the book

In this book I will explain every single technical details of 20 of my photos. (Click on the images to see them)

You need to observe, copy, recreate and experiment with these settings as much as you can until you are confident to use the skills learned with models.

Until that time comes, use your partner or friend to practice every aspect of taking great photos with inexpensive equipment.

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